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5 Best Anti Bird Nets and Netting Solutions For Your Home

If you have ended up here on this page, you might be looking for a solution on the internet for anti bird nets and to get rid of the birds that causes chaos.

Nobody wants to be woken up by the sound of pigeons fighting on their window sill or the sight of birds fouling their property.

Karnataka Safety Nets offers a variety of anti-bird nets and netting systems to keep unwanted birds away from your property. 

These nets are intended to keep all birds at bay while not trapping or wounding them. The nets are designed so that they are entirely inconspicuous in their surroundings. 

We have a team of expert men trained and experienced in carrying out all types of domestic and industrial anti-bird nets installations.

Our team takes every safety precaution when working at heights or in vulnerable situations. 

The nets are designed so that the mesh size allows for the free movement of the breeze while not blocking sunlight or views.

Here are the Anti-Bird Nets and Netting systems you should be using now if you have a balcony.

Pigeon Net

Pigeon net is produced by the latest technologically advanced machinery using virgin and UV-stabilized raw materials. 

A pigeon net for a balcony is cost-effective when extensive regions must be protected against birds or locusts. 

It is primarily used on farms and orchards to protect valuable crops from being destroyed by birds or insects. Still, it is also used in urban areas to protect balconies and make them safe. 

Nylon Multifilament Net

At Karnataka Safety Nets, Enterprise, we manufacture, supply, and stock nylon multifilament nets.

Our Nylon Multifilament Net are manufactured from the highest quality yarns and strings of verified strength, made from several types of synthetic and natural fibres to the exact specifications for commercial, sports and fishing.

Window & Duct Area Safety Nets

We at Karnataka Safety Nets manufacture, supply, and store window and duct area safety nets.

As a customer-focused firm, we provide a wide range of window and duct areas. Our anti-bird nets for the balcony are made with long-lasting nets and other materials under industry regulations and requirements.

Our company’s employees also use innovative technologies and high-tech machines in manufacturing.

Anti Bird Nets For Industrial Sheds

We, at Karnataka Safety Nets, manufacture, supply, and stock Anti Bird Nets for Industrial Sheds. In addition, we sell nylon netting and HDPE net spikes.

Anti Bird Nets

Bird netting, often known as anti-bird nets, is a type of bird pest control netting system used to keep birds out of specific regions.

The most common type of bird protection netting is a small mesh of extruded woven polyethene.

Anti bird nets is made of high-quality UV-stabilized HDPE polymer, which can be installed practically at any site.

Bird Net

The bird net is quite sturdy, durable, and completely transparent, making it ideal for domestic use.

Nylon filament has the highest breaking strength of any polymer. It is simple to clean with blowing air and is always as good as new; hence this is highly recommended. 

About Karnataka Anti Bird Nets

Karnataka Safety Nets in Bangalore encompasses a broad selection of plastic netting and solutions for various industries and applications.

Extruded plastic mesh knitted in 1 5mm, 15mm, 20mm, or 30mm meshes are used to make anti-bird nets.

Technical Specifications:

  • Anti-bird nets come in black, white, and other bespoke colours.
  • Mesh size: 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, or custom.
  • 1m to 25m net width
  • Length: 5m to 1000m, or as desired.

We generally offer three types of bird netting:

15 15 mesh plastic mesh; diamond opening bird netting with 20mm or 30mm openings; square mesh bird netting with 12mm or 19mm openings

Features and Applications:

Plastic mesh anti-bird nets is a cost-effective and dependable method of protecting plants from birds. It is strong and long-lasting and can be readily removed and re-rolled for the next growing season.


So, this blog focuses on Netting Solutions and Anti Bird Nets For Your Home. We have also discussed the types of safety nets available in Bangalore.

If you liked reading our article, kindly contact Karnataka Safety Nets or the given number above.

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