Bird Protection Nets Services

Bird protection nets are used to prevent birds from landing on certain properties, encouraging them to find a more convenient place to rest. Birds can be prevented from landing on windowsills and rooftops by using nets.


Pigeon Safety Nets

In recent years, birds, especially pigeons, have become a health hazard, requiring bird control. Pigeons often build nests in old and lofty structures, which pollute the environment.

Plastic Bird Spikes

Bird spikes offer technologically advanced solutions to eliminate birds from your home and office. Bird spikes are harmless to birds, eco-friendly, and therefore recommended by the families.

Windows Chajja Nets

Are birds contaminating your balcony and windows and causing it to deteriorate? Do birds visit your premises and worsen it? Relax! Karnataka Safety Nets provides you with high-quality window chajja nets.


Duct Area Safety Nets

Duct area safety nets are intended to safeguard the vacant gap between two blocks of buildings in the apartments. Specifically, duct areas are filled with birds, which pollute the premises of buildings.


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HDPE (high density polyethylene) is used for making nets. As a result, the nets are UV resistant. HDPE nets are chemically inert, waterproof, and weatherproof. This provides a discreet and indestructible barrier that protects property without harming birds.
If possible, use a densely woven net without a frame to prevent birds from being trapped, such as the Hail Guard net, or the Vege Net. These nets are all white in colour – which makes the birds see best at night. 
Place a series of poles around the perimeter of the area when suspending the net. Once the netting is secured to the poles, the net can be removed. You can secure it with twine, zip ties, or even a staple gun. It is also recommended that you install netting on the eaves of your home to prevent birds from nesting and roosting in them.

₹830.00 – ₹1,100.00

Polycarbonate spikes are more durable long-term than stainless steel because they are made of polycarbonate. Stainless steel spikes are less visible to customers if you are using them at a business.
The mesh size for pigeons is 50mm; while for sparrows and other birds its 19mm.
In order to create the strong twill, six monofilaments are twisted together into a twine having twists per metre. With temperatures ranging from -250F to +270F, the netting is an effective bird repellent.

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I had my balcony safety nets installed as I have two kids to look after, honestly, they look great and are built tough. The installation took about two hours and was completed in an absolutely hassle-free and professional manner.
Rekha Maniram
We installed a children's safety net for our balcony. These men did an excellent job. The service was quite quick, with a turnaround time of only a few hours from the moment we verified our request through phone call.
A fantastic service from Karnataka Safety Nets. They provided me with anti bird safety nets and staircase safety nets for my home. They completed their work properly. Pretty happy with their netting service.

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