Bird Netting Services in Bangalore

If you live in an apartment or own a building in metro cities and are looking for a bird netting services in Bangalore you have come to the right place.

With birds around, you’ll have to deal with foul and toxic droppings, clogged vents and drains, littered nesting materials, aggressive behaviour, physical damage, and many more concerns.

However, all of this may be avoided with proper professional bird netting service from Karnataka Safety Nets, as bird netting is a low-cost, high-impact bird control method that mainly protects people from pigeon hazards. 

Why bird netting service(s) in Bangalore is essential?

The number of birds or pigeons in our buildings move into ducts, pipes, terraces, and balconies, occasionally causing damage to our expensive items.

Pigeons are abundant, particularly in Bangalore, spreading disease through contaminated food and water. 

We, Karnataka Safety Nets, are the leading firm in Bangalore and your best choice for bird netting and constructing a bird-proof structure to safeguard your goods and properties.

What types of nets do we provide in our bird netting services in Bangalore?

  • Balcony Safety Nets: We provide balcony safety nets that free you from the stress of your children and pets when you spend your valuable time on a balcony. We ensured the high quality of yields so that you may spend time with your family.
  • Construction Safety Nets: There is a lot of construction work in Bangalore Urban, and it’s a site where thousands of workers are working beneath roofs. For the safety of the workers, we are supplying high-strength nets to make workers feel safe and reduce unwanted accidents and tragedies. 
  • Bird Protection Nets: Anti-bird nets are used in agriculture to protect crops from insects and pests. Insects, birds, cattle, and other grazing animals are prevented from entering the agricultural area using anti-bird nets.

Why use bird netting?

  • As a result of maintaining hygiene in your workplace,
  • Determine the most effective answer to the bird’s situation.
  • To clean your parking lots and walls.
  • Say no to bird-related water contamination.
  • Keep your building’s living areas healthy.
  • Economically, this is the best approach to keep the birds at bay.

Why Choose Bird Netting From Karnataka Safety Nets?

Karnataka Safety Nets offers high-quality and durable safety nets services to keep unwanted birds and animals away from your farm, house, or apartments with the highest quality solutions. 

In addition, we place bird netting in residential and shared public spaces and install bird protection nets for your terrace or any other location where it is required.

Listed down are the reasons why you need to choose Karnataka Safety Nets:

  • We use the best-manufactured bird nets, which are 6 Sigma compliant.
  • We are the best provider of bird netting for houses, duct areas, and anti-bird spikes.
  • We keep your place aesthetically transparent and invisible.
  • With experienced technology, we offer the best-customized solutions suitable for residential and public buildings.
  • Sunlight, oxygen, and ventilation!
  • We provide services at a lower cost.
  • Our safety nets are waterproof and weatherproof, with no need for maintenance.
  • Our bird netting also protects against bats and owls.
  • On-time service is always available.
  • Our bird netting or safety nets never injure or harm the birds.

Searching for a Bird Netting Service Across Karnataka?

Well, suppose you are looking for safety nets or bird netting across the state. In that case, Karnataka Safety Nets are your one-stop solution.

We provide services in almost all parts of the state; select your city from the most popular locations in Karnataka. 

Tap the link to find your city:

Types of safety nets Installation Available

Balcony safety nets, children safety nets, open area safety nets, construction safety nets, building safety nets, staircase safety nets, glass safety nets, swimming safety nets, monkey safety nets, car Parking safety nets, coconut tree safety nets, industrial safety nets etc. 

In Bird protection safety, we deal in Pigeon safety nets, plastic bird spikes, windows chajja nets, duct area safety nets etc.

In sports safety nets, we deal in cricket practice nets, terrace cricket practise nets and football nets. 


This article focuses on bird netting services in Bangalore. If you liked reading it, kindly drop a comment in the down section below and if you are looking for any safety netting services, kindly contact Karnataka Safety Nets and we will get in touch with you soon enough.

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