Sports Nets Services

In a small area, sports nets can be utilised to create a safe and secure zone. These nets are precisely knit and composed of high-quality materials, allowing you to play any game without difficulty.

Cricket Practice Nets

A sports net can be used to create a safer zone out of a small space, so that a large number of cricket pitches can be built without harming people.


Terrace Practice Nets

Kids love to play on terraces, Karnataka Safety Nets has been known for producing high-quality terrace cricket practice nets for almost a decade now.

Football Nets

We are a renowed manufacturers of quality football safety nets for years now. Contact Karnataka Safety Nets for more info and services.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand everything about Sports Safety Nets: 

Cricket Practice Nets range starts from ₹5,450 to ₹7,999

Cricket practice nets should be at least 9 feet wide, with 12 feet being perfect. If the nets are less than 24 feet long, they should be at least 9 feet tall; if they are less than 36 feet long, they should be at least 10 feet tall; and if they are more than that, they should be at least 12 feet tall. When bowled, this prevents balls from landing on the roof of the nets.

Safety nets are designed to ensure the safety of audiences watching a game or a sportsperson who practices at sports stadiums or arenas.
Cricket Practice Nets are typically 3.6 m in width and 20 m long. The side walls and back walls are 3 metres high. 
The cost of a football practice net is approximately  ₹2,677.00 
The size of a football practice net would be 24 ft long by 8 ft wide.
The price of a green nylon cricket practice net is Rs ~3.5/square foot. 
Sport nets are commonly made from polyethylene and nylon. 

Satisfied Client Testimonials

Quality is extremely important to us. We ensure consistency and quality in our products as well as services. Here’s what our clients have to say who has tried and implemented our safety nets services.

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I had my balcony safety nets installed as I have two kids to look after, honestly, they look great and are built tough. The installation took about two hours and was completed in an absolutely hassle-free and professional manner.
Rekha Maniram
We installed a children's safety net for our balcony. These men did an excellent job. The service was quite quick, with a turnaround time of only a few hours from the moment we verified our request through phone call.
A fantastic service from Karnataka Safety Nets. They provided me with anti bird safety nets and staircase safety nets for my home. They completed their work properly. Pretty happy with their netting service.

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